Cooking with Frisk


The Buffet Flats - Queering Slow Food Series- The Red Moon - August 12th, 2011

Jayson “Frisk” Jaynes is an artist, designer, and amateur chef with a passion for serving up delicious meals from sustainable ingredients. He started cooking at an early age, learning soul food at the heels of his mother and grandmother. He is interested in the intersection of slow, local food and our increasingly hectic urban lifestyles. He’s the founder of Busy Urban Professionals Can Cook (BUrPs Can Cook), which seeks to find time-saving tips and methods to bring locally grown foods to the tables of even the overworked.

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  • i like this picture

  • i like this picture more

  • that Frisk is so handsome.. and what a good cook.

  • Che Jayson! Love it!

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